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Help your toddler develop their motor skills with these fun activities. Learning activities for fine motor skills. Fun games to strengthen gross motor skills.

Clothespin Fine Motor Activities for Kids

Working with clothes pins is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills and the pincer grasp in young children. There are so many simple activities that can be done with clothespins to build hand strength. It’s an easy way to make learning fun. You can buy wooden clothespins at the dollar store. Clothespin Learning …

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Finger Puppets for Kids (free printable)

Use these printable finger puppets to enhance pretend play time, ignite creative imaginations, strengthen fine motor skills with finger dexterity, and to have a lot of fun. Printable puppets are a huge hit with young children. They spark imaginative play and are easy to prepare, just print and play. Playing with finger puppets builds language …

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Developing Fine Motor Skills

We often hear about the importance of a child developing fine motor skills but do we always know what that means or why it’s so important?  As your child develops, being able to color with crayons, cut with scissors, tie their shoes, or complete puzzles becomes integral to their development.  We can ensure their success …

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Tooth Pick Activity

Give this tooth pick activity a try! I found these toothpick holders at Dollar Tree (3/$1) in the Luau section. They are a perfect fine motor skill activity. The lid has a small hole to put the toothpicks back into the container or you can turn it and it has 3 holes to put the …

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