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February Busy Boxes for Your Toddlers

February Busy Boxes for Your Toddlers

G is still LOVING his busy boxes (similar to busy bags)! I swap out the contents for different things on a monthly basis. Some I do hang on to longer if he is still actively choosing it and engaging. Here’s what we have for the February Busy Boxes!

February Busy Box Ideas


February Busy Boxes
He’s had play dough before, but this time, I’ve added some new components. I added extra colors (previously he only had two cans), a small box of trinkets (googly eyes, pom poms, and glass pebbles). I also included sculpting tools and a rolling pin. Changing things up can breathe new life into an “old” activity! This fun activity will provide some quiet time and independent play. Older children also like to join this activity.

Cheese and Sticks

February Busy Boxes
Once our parmesan cheese container was empty and cleaned, I tossed it in a busy box! I paired it with some plastic popsicle sticks (from the dollar store) and showed G how to drop the stick through the hole. He LOVES this activity and even when he drops all the sticks in, he can shake the container hard enough that they come back out through the large opening!


February Busy Boxes
These are his FAVORITE stamps! Older kids love them too. We get them in the craft store, Oriental Trading, and even in party bags sometimes! Not only does he love to stamp paper (and okay, HIMSELF!), he loves matching the lids to the stamps (which is great for fine motor skills)!

Sensory Bin

February Busy Boxes
I had every intention of making a Valentine-themed sensory play box, but he is SO into dinosaurs right now that I had to make one! I dyed some rice green and filled it with small toy dinos, eggs, rocks, and plant life. He LOVES this sensory box.

Smooth and Rough

February Busy Boxes
I filled a box with some new things that would be interesting for G to explore. We talk about which things are smooth (free carpet square from Home Depot) and which things are rough (sandpaper, plastic acorn, tiny spider). This is great for language development.

Colander and Pipe Cleaners

February Busy Boxes

I have this tiny metal colander (I honestly think it was from the Target dollar spot a couple years back!) and matched it with pieces of snipped pipe cleaners. G turns the colander over and pushes the pipe cleaners through all the holes. It’s always a hit and so beneficial for little hands. This activity has also ended up being used in pretend play in the play kitchen.


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Written by Jill


Thursday 28th of February 2013

At the risk of being annoying, I'm going to leave another comment. :-) My little guy LOVED the parm cheese/popsicle stick activity this morning!! He told me several times how much he liked it. It kept him busily engaged while I did math (we homeschool) with his 6yo brother. What a help! And I already had the supplies on hand. Today I picked up a few more items to work on some of your other great ideas. Thanks again!


Thursday 28th of February 2013

Great ideas! Love the parmesan cheese & popsicle stick activity. Totally going to try it with my almost-3yo.


Thursday 7th of February 2013

I really like all your ideas. I really need to try the stamp idea with Aarya.

Kirstylee Cassidy

Wednesday 6th of February 2013

These are great ideas! I guess I need to start collecting all of those little stamps rather than just throwing them out. My toddler would probably love having a stamp box like yours.