May Busy Boxes

It’s time for another month of busy boxes!  I swapped out four old ones for these new May Busy Boxes:


May Busy Boxes
One of G’s favorite busy boxes is Play-doh, followed closely behind by markers and crayons (especially the markers!).  I’ve been trying to find other art-centered boxes and was so excited to find some of these paint with water books in the Michael’s dollar section.  All we do is fill a bowl with water and keep the box stocked with paint brushes and the book.  He loves to do this box independently and it’s totally at his level.

Scratch Paper

May Busy Boxes
Another fun art box this month has THIS magic scratch paper.  Basically, any scratches made reveal a rainbow design.  So fun!  I keep the box stocked with several sheets, as well as a popsicle stick, golf tee, birthday candle and plastic spoon.  He can use all these tools to make different designs (I usually keep the scratching tool out, as it’s fairly sharp and this is another box he does independently so I don’t feel safe with him using it).

Shaving Cream

May Busy Boxes
Oh boy, this was a fun and MESSY busy box (notice that I only took a picture at the beginning, since by the END we were both covered!).  I bought a can of shaving cream at the Dollar Tree and together, we squirted a ton in an empty busy box.  He LOVED squishing, smooshing, and hiding his hands in it and it was a great opportunity for us to talk about our five senses (because it DID have a strong smell!).

Piggy Bank

May Busy Boxes
For a busy box with less mess, I popped a plastic piggy bank inside and added some coins.  Not only does he LOVE to drop the money in (always supervise with small pieces!), he’s almost completely mastered unscrewing the pig’s nose and dumping the coins out.  Great fine motor work!
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  • Reply Stephanie

    The piggy’s nose unscrews? How awesome. Mine all have sad rubber stoppers

    May 1, 2013 at 12:37 pm
  • Reply Mama D

    What a great idea to put a piggy bank in a busy box!

    May 1, 2013 at 1:04 pm
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