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November Busy Boxes

November Busy Boxes
G loves his Busy Boxes oh-so-much! Here are our November Busy Boxes:
November Busy Boxes
1. Transferring pompoms into a paint tray with a long-handled spoon
2. Pushing the peg through the wood (Dollar Tree) and then balancing a marble on top of the peg
3. Play dough and new tools
4. Sort pebbles by size (big and small) and balance on popsicle sticks
november busy boxes
5. Magnet play with wands and assorted magnets (all from Lakeshore Learning)
6. Using child’s chopsticks to tweeze pompoms into an Ikea ice cube tray
7. Tweezing tiny farm animals into a paint tray
Written by Jill


Thursday 2nd of January 2014


Thank you for all the ideas for activity boxes. I am a 25 year old mom. I have two sons, the oldest is 3,5 years and the youngest 1,5 year. We are living in the Netherlands, so I need to find a shop who has the same cheap/nice stuff you buyed.



Monday 9th of December 2013

Hi. I am wondering how old your child is that you prepared this for. I see it's listed under the "2 year old" category, but, I guess, more specifically I'm asking how many months is he/she? Thanks in advance.


Friday 13th of December 2013

He was exactly 2 1/2 when we did those activities.