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Jonah and the Whale Free Printables and Activities

Jonah and the Whale Free Printables and Activities

These Jonah and the Whale free printables will be perfect for your Sunday School class or for home lessons. Young children are fascinated and learn from the Bible story of Jonah. 

The following activities are awesome Jonah and the Whale activities that your children or students will love!

Jonah and the Whale Free Printables


Coloring Sheet of Jonah and the Whale 

This big fish coloring page is the perfect printable for your Sunday School class to start working on as they come in. The FREE Jonah and the Whale coloring sheet will peak their curiosity about which of the bible stories they will be learning about that day. 




Jonah and the Whale Color Matching

This Jonah and the Whale Color Matching printable focuses on color recognition and visual discrimination. 



Jonah and the Whale ISpy

Can you spy 4 whales? What about 3 pictures of Jonah? A great idea for this printable is to laminate it and have the children circle the pictures as they find them with a dry erase marker. That way it can be used over and over again. 



Fun Jonah and the Whale Puzzle

Not only are puzzle exercises challenging, but they are also fun! Cut out the pieces, arrange them to complete the puzzle. Glue them onto a piece of construction paper. 



Jonah and the Whale Shadow Matching Puzzle Free Printable

Cut out the pictures from the story. Match them to their shadow. Glue each one (optional). 



Printable Jonah and the Whale Puppets 

Turn these beautiful illustrations into printable puppets. Simply download and print. Share Jonah’s big fish adventure.



How to Draw a Whale 

W is for Whale. Draw a whale by starting with a capital W. Use the drawing tutorial to inspire conversation of the whale story. Can you believe Jonah was in the belly of a big fish?



Put together this sequence of coloring sheets. The accordion book will start and end with the pictures of Jonah. 

Fold the pictures on the dotted lines. Use a glue stick to glue them together and glue the cover on. Children can use this book as a visual for retelling details of the story. 

Download the Jonah Accordion book


Jonah and the Whale Science Experiment

Try this incredible whale rescue!


  • Silicone fish ice cube tray (or any ice cube tray)
  • Water
  • Blue food coloring (optional)
  • Salt
  • Straw or stick (for fishing pole)
  • String (cut about 12in. long)


  1. First, make colored water by dropping a few drops of food coloring into a cup of water and stir well.
  2. Fill the fish tray with blue colored water (or use plain water).
  3. Freeze the ice cube fish. 
  4. Attach and tie a string (about 12 inches long) at the top of a straw or stick to create a fishing pole.
  5. Pour water into a bowl. Remove fish ice cube from the tray. Place a fish ice cube into the bowl of water.
  6. Have your child place the fishing line (string) onto the fish. I recommend placing the line from the top piece of the whale (the head) to the tail if possible. 
  7. Shake a little salt over the string. Wait a few seconds.
  8. Then, try to lift the fish up to see if it’s caught! The salt will help melt the ice and the string should stick to the fish.
  9. If you’re having a hard time and the fish isn’t caught, try to line up the string evenly again, then pour more salt on the fish. Wait a little while and then see if the fish can be caught!


This experiment does NOT work well with just plain ice/salt/string. The bowl of water is an important step for helping the ice and salt stick to the string.


What a fun way to experiment with ice and salt while thinking about the Jonah Bible story.


More Jonah and the Whale Activities

Big Fish Games for Kids – Use this tutorial to make a smaller version with a paper cup and a peg doll. The paper cup can be turned into a whale. The peg doll can be decorated as Jonah. This activity strengthens hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills. It is a challenge for kids of all ages!


Paper Plate Whale Craft – This Whale Bible Craft can be enjoyed by kids of all ages and this easy craft will remind children of the story and lesson. 

A Family Whale Watching Trip

Whale Watching at Dana Wharf – This experience is so valuable for the whole family. Older kids can make connections from science that they have previously learned. It is so much fun to spot a huge fish!  Share whale stories along the way.Bible-themed

Sensory Bin featuring Jonah and the Whale from Learning with Es


Other Great Jonah and the Whale Ideas:

Whale Coloring Sheets from Mom Junction

Other Unique Free Coloring Pages from Connect Us

Put this Book of Jonah along with other books about whales in a book basket. You can also look for them at you local library. It is a traditional retelling of the classic biblical story.


More Free Bible Story Printables

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FREE Noah Color by Number

Printable Bible People


Tale of Jonah and the Whale

One day God asked Jonah to go to the city of Nineveh and to tell the people of Nineveh to stop being bad. Jonah didn’t want to go. He thought it was a dangerous mission. So Jonah ran away to the sea and got on a ship bound for another city. 

Then, there was a great wind and a violent storm. Jonah realized the storm was happening because he was running away from what God asked him to do.

Next, he told the people on the boat that if they threw him into the sea that God would make the storm stop. They threw him in and it did stop. They were so thankful it stopped and thanked God. 

Then, the captain and crew looked out in the water and saw Jonah get swallowed up into a whale’s mouth right into the whale’s belly. God actually sent the whale to take a big gulp of Jonah to keep Jonah from drowning.

Jonah stayed in the dark belly of the whale for three days and three nights. While he was in the belly of the fish, he thanked God for saving him from drowning and asked for forgiveness for not going to Nineveh like he was told. 

Finally, after the third day, God had the great fish spit out Jonah onto dry land and God told him to go to Nineveh. He obeyed. 


Check out these interesting whale facts for kids!


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